Mummies at Church

‘So Mummies can run churches then?’ asked Flora, 5.

It all came about because one of the lads I play rugby with had his Mum over to watch the game yesterday. And she’s a Vicar. She was also delightful. She’s got a new job running 23 rural churches with two other clergy. That’s ridiculous but good on her for being willing to do it. I wouldn’t.

Fortunately Flora didn’t ask the question in her hearing. That would have been awkward. She asked it this morning, before 0700 whilst I was having my tea.

‘Well’, I began, ‘the Bible says that Mummies shouldn’t run churches but people don’t always do what the Bible says, even in churches. It’s terrific that she loves Jesus but she shouldn’t be in charge of a church. God thinks that Daddies should run churches just like Daddies run families. Of course, I couldn’t run this family without Mummy, so she’s just as important as I am. It’s just like that in church. The Daddies need the Mummies to help run it and make everything happen. Families need a Mummy and a Daddy to work best and so churches need both Mummies and Daddies to be involved. But the Daddies ought to be the ones in charge’.

I was keen to get back to my tea. Flora was keen to discuss single parent families. So we did. And my tea got cold.

As a thorough treatment of my position on women’s ministry, it may not be complete! But it’s accurate. At some stage I’ll post a fuller treatment on the issue. But all it’ll do is expand on this discussion with my daughter!

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