Rose Tinted Spectacles

Came across this today. It’s from Dale Ralph Davis in his expositions on Joshua.

The rescue at the Red Sea, the crossing of the Jordan, and the death and resurrection of Christ are explosions of God’s power that are meant to colour the whole horizon of the believer’s life in order to assure us that the God who so mightily handles great emergencies is surely adequate for the smaller crises and anxieties that beset us [No Falling Words, Baker, 1988, p36].

The Christian doesn’t wear rose tinted spectacles. Though we experience the same events as unbelievers, we look at them from a different perspective. We view them through the prism of faith. Behind the events of life stands our loving Heavenly Father. He providentially sends things our way so that we might reach out to Him in dependant trust. Not because He needs our attention but because we need His comfort.

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