London’s Diversity

Lambeth Primary Schools at Royal Festival Hall

It was either Tim Keller or Mark Driscoll who said that  that two of the distinctive features about cities is their population density and their ethnic diversity. We had the pleasure of watching our son at the Royal Festival Hall last week. He was performing with 750 other school kids from Lambeth Primary Schools. They sang seven songs with a transport theme; Daisy, Daisy, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines and others.

It was a terrific event. The visual spectacle of these year two kids in their different coloured school sweatshirts was amazing. But the thing that was overwhelmingly apparent was the diversity of ethnic backgrounds. In my secondary school of over 1,000 pupils we had two black kids; a brilliant athlete called Mark Sears and a very gifted footballer called Kris Kokinos. But that’s rural Northamptonshire for you. In Rufus’ class alone there’s a Mexican, an Ecuadorian, an Italian, a West Indian, a couple of Pakistani girls, a Portuguese lad and a few others I’m sure I’ve left out. They’re growing up speaking English and imbibing British culture. Rufus is just one of their mates. For them the issue of which country they originate from doesn’t really concern them. They just want to know who’s best at reading [the girls] and whose going to win at sports’ day [my money’s on Rufus; he has his mother’s temperament for the big occasion]. It remains our hope that these kids will not only grow academically whilst their in our country. We also hope that they’ll grow spiritually. Wouldn’t it be great if they left school not only with an education, but with a faith; in Christ.

One thought on “London’s Diversity

  1. Tom Stanbury April 7, 2009 / 7:50 am

    My school was very much mono tone. London is so amazing people from all over the world want to come and live and work here.
    Your third to last sentence, it is quite probable that some of them already consider this as ‘their’ country, although with loyalty to family history. So keep up the assemblies, holiday clubs as we want them to know Christ and in all likelihood between them they will be working and living in London for the rest of their lives.

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