Lightning McQueen

I am in no doubt whatsoever that what I’m about to suggest was entirely unintentional. I don’t think for a minute that the writers or producers had this in mind when they conceived the storyline.

But it dawned on me last week, during an illuminating conversation with my boys, that there’s more to the Pixar film ‘Cars’ than I’d previously given it credit for. In the past, me and the boys had talked about how there are some things more important than winning. A significant lesson especially for people that embrace and encourage competition!

If you haven’t seen the film, treat yourself. It’s terrific. Lightning McQueen is a car. He’s a young reckless rookie who also happens to be very good at winning NASCAR races. His main rivals are Chick Hicks and Strip Weathers, also known as ‘The King’. For Lightning winning is everything. But during the film he discovers that there’s more to life than coming first. Something the boys and, if I’m honest, their Father have been slow to accept!

But get this. By the end of the film, Lightning McQueen discovers that the only life worth living is one where you serve the King! Not even victory in the Piston Cup, and the adulation that goes with it, is worth having more than serving the King. Go figure! I’m feeling  a kids’ slot coming on…

2 thoughts on “Lightning McQueen

  1. Mark April 21, 2009 / 9:53 am

    I think the analogy breaks down a little when we consider that LMQ “serves the King” by pushing him over the finish line as he was incapable of getting there himself … but you’d probably not get that far in a kids slot anyway!

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