Monsters v Aliens

Classic Dad’s parenting display this afternoon. The boys and I spent a happy afternoon being looked after by the Streatham Odeon whilst their sister headed off to a party with Mum. The pair of them had been banging on about ‘Monsters and Aliens‘ for a while. Rosslyn and I presented a united front saying that we weren’t persauded that we should take them to a PG. Ours was a strong position, right up until the point where Rufus spotted an advert for ‘Bolt‘. Rosslyn took the kids to see that last half term holiday. The advert made it unavoidably clear that this film was also a PG. Rufus took great delight in pointing out our parenting inconsistency. Pharisee.

So go we did. It was a touch scary. Diggers spent most of the film on my knee. Rufus claimed not to find it troubling but offered no other explanation when I asked why he’d felt it necessary to pull his fleece over his head!

My reflections. Fun film. And here goes; it’s the story of someone who, motivated by love and initially despised by many, chooses to sacrifice their true identity in order to rescue her friends. As many of you will no doubt tell me, not all the parallels are helpful. But does this remind you of anyone?

The old stories are the best ones!

One thought on “Monsters v Aliens

  1. Gavin McGrath May 1, 2009 / 7:01 pm

    Oh, I do so enjoy reading of your experiences! It gives me great comfort to know that even good guys like you are often “winging it”. Thanks so very, very much for spending time with your guys!

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