London’s Pentecost Festival

This is something not just for the ‘creatives’ amongst us. The second Pentecost Festival is taking place in London later this month. The dates are 26-31 May. Details can be found on their website. Premier has an interview with Emma Morrice, one of the team, here.

It’ll be a mixed bag. I wouldn’t be able to wholeheartedly recommend everything that’s advertised! But with discernment there are definitely some things to try and get to. I wouldn’t mind attending these

This is one; Denis Alexander’s writing is always stimulating.

This looks good; like Question Time but with ethical responses!

The kids will love this; Veggie Tales on the big screen.

Clean comedy has its attractions so this is worth a punt.

Peter Brierley’s statistical analysis should be insightful but the details aren’t on the website.

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