Bible and Church Conference

‘The New Testament is unreliable’. ‘It’s not historically accurate’. ‘The Bible hasn’t got the right gospels’. None of that’s true but would you know how to respond to someone who said that without employing the apologetically unsophisticated retort of ‘that’s rubbish’!

If you’d like to sound a little more credible then this looks like it’s well worth attending. I’ll be recommending it at church.

The conference blurb says this,

Society is being bombarded with misinformation about the Bible.  It’s alleged that it has been corrupted by power-hungry Christians. They are charged with having omitted books they did not like. They changed the original message of Jesus.

When these claims are made in books, magazines, TV and the Internet, most Christians don’t know how to respond and are unable to articulate reasons for the trustworthiness of the New Testament. Some have their faith shaken.

It’s on June 20th at Westminster Chapel from 10.30 am till 4.45 pm.

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