Dawkins in Five

You may already be familiar with Matthew Stadlen’s Five Minutes With … It’s on the BBC website; lots of opportunity for wasted time!

If you’re not familiar with his work, check this out. It’s his interview with ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler’, Richard Dawkins, in which he defends his atheism. He talks about his fearless attitude to death and compares it to an eternal general anaesthetic. He talks about the motivation for being good and determines what’s good by what he’d like to have done to him. So presumably defending your country using force isn’t an option. And he talks about the point of life and says that deriving satisfaction by ‘living life to the full’ is his ambition.

On the upside he admits that he’s not absolutely certain that there isn’t a God, which is nice. One wonderful quote comes when he says, ‘there’s no reason to believe anything for which there isn’t any evidence’. I agree. And i’d be an atheist if it wasn’t for one tiny litttle detail. That evidence thing he mentioned.

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