Online ESV Study Bible

One day I’m going to have to walk back from comments I made about the ESV. I gave it quite a strong endorsement here. I’d not write that now. Though I thought I was cleverly ambiguous in the conclusion.

We’ve used it for almost seven years at CCB. I’m not sure we’d make the same decision now as we did then. Obviously we’d discuss it as an eldership, so please don’t think that I’ve unilaterally made the change. My ecclesiology may be a little rusty but it’s not that shoddy!

But regardless of my reservations about using the ESV as the main Bible in the congregation, or even for small group Bible study you should get your hands on this. It’s the online version of the ESV Study Bible. It’s cheap at $20. And it’s awesome. I’ve got it free with the paper version and it’s out of this world. As a study Bible it blows the NIV Study Bible out of the water. And I thought that version was brilliant.

The maps, articles, comments and introductions are simply terrific. I love the single column style of text. The list of contributors reads like a who’s who of contemporary evangelicalism. As a one volume Bible for personal study it’s got to be unrivalled. The advantage of the online version is that you don’t need to carry around the equivalent of a small scandinavian forest in your rucksack. It’s a monstrous 2,700 pages long. I cannot praise it highly enough. Others have done so here.

2 thoughts on “Online ESV Study Bible

  1. Phil C May 28, 2009 / 4:10 pm

    I’ve been tempted to get the paper version…I’ve read some rave reviews! But £40 is quite a lot of money.

    As to the ESV or the NIV, I would guess that in half the bible studies I’ve been involved in over the last few years that use the ESV, people have either referred to their own NIV or said they wished we were using it. There are a number of reasons for that, but often I’m inclined to agree.

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