Happy Birthday, Jean Cauvin

Just got a tip off from Rev Gatiss at St Helen’s. Apparently it’s Calvin’s birthday tomorrow. Quite whether he’ll be celebrating it in heaven is a discussion for another day with people with more theological acumen than me. Why Lee has that date marked in his diary is an issue to be explored at a later date. Perhaps it’s the Collins Diaries they get at St Helen’s! However, to mark this event his excellent internet journal, The Theologian, has a series of talks and articles on Calvin’s abiding influence on the Christian church.

He’s included three MP3 talks; one from Martin Foord on Calvin and the Gospel, one from Peter Adam on Calvin and his preaching and I don’t know how he did it, but Lee’s managed to get a recording of Calvin’s sermon on Ephesians 5. I’m guessing it’s Lee with a dodgy French accent.

He’s included three articles; one from Matt Mason on Calvin’s treatment of the Lord’s Supper, one from Augustus Toplady on Calvin and the English Reformation and one by Mark Garcia on Calvin’s understanding of faith union with Christ.

For more stuff on John Calvin this might help.

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