Evangelistic Vision Setting

‘Imagine arriving in heaven, just resurrected into the New Creation at the end of the world, as the crowds of God’s people are gathering. You can hear them all, from every nation and culture, breathless with excitement, exhausted from the work of evangelism, constantly swapping stories of those who’ve been saved, embracing the team involved in their own salvation and being embraced by all whom they’d helped. Everywhere there is the joy of battle endured and won. And most exciting of all, the warm, welcoming embrace of Jesus himself for all his weary, and in many cases bloodied servants. What a shameful tragedy to arrive comparatively fresh and untroubled! To have been someone who’d lived as a spectator watching from the sidelines, hiding from God’s great evangelistic enterprise. We need to seize the opportunity to get involved’.

Richard Coekin, A Few Good Men

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