10 Biggest Stories of 2009

Although writing from an American perspective, Al Mohler has an interesting account of the ten most newsworthy events in 2009. Find it here.

  1. The Inauguration of Barack Obama as President
  2. The Uprising in Iran
  3. The Travail of the Global Economy
  4. The Death of Michael Jackson and our Obsession with Celebrity
  5. The Rise of Twitter and the Growing Domination of Social Media
  6. The Battle over Health Care Reform
  7. The Leftward March of Liberal Protestantism
  8. The Climate Summit in Copenhagen
  9. The Swine Flu Epidemic
  10. The Spotlight on Private Scandals and Public Consequences

I’ve not yet worked out what I’d amend in that list if it were to have a more British flavour. I can barely remember what happened last week, let alone last year!

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