Calvin for Kids

Picture the scene, three small children sat side by side in the bath, me perched sideways on the toilet seat, feet on the side of the bath reading from the Christian Focus biography of John Calvin. Have bath times ever been this instructive! And not only for the kids!

We got through a chapter a night. It wasn’t forced on them, though I had to raise the idea initially. But they soon caught on. On the occasions that I forgot, they made the running and asked for it. It was a little beyond Diggers, who’s four. But he enjoyed the experience of listening to a big book and hearing his older siblings interact with Daddy. Some of the theology was beyond them but the story was gripping. And we ended up having useful chats about the authority of the Bible, Jesus’ death, the Reformation and what Roman Catholicism believes. That’s not your average bath time, is it?!

There are helpful resources in the back; things like discussion guides, a summary of the Five Points of Calvinism and so on. They’re all great. But we didn’t look at any of those. We just wanted the story.

We’re onto John Newton now. And loving it.

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