Quiet Times for Pre-Schoolers

We’re using this at the moment. I got an advance copy. And we’re loving it.

We’ve got an eight year old boy, a six year old girl and a four year old boy. It’s pitched at the youngest and so it’s for his benefit that we’re doing it. There’s a danger that he can feel left out if we pitch things too high. The risk now is that the older kids feel this is benath them. But we’ve got round that by asking supplementary questions aimed at the older two. And they frequently ask a question anyway. Only a few days ago Rufus stumped me in Genesis 3 when he asked me whether there was such a thing as talking snakes. I took it as genuine interest. But it may simply have been procrastination! It may also have been stimulated by his first experience of Harry Potter! Discussions on biblical hermeneutics and biblical genre are commonplace in the Perkins household!!!! I ask you, can you really start too soon on these sorts of things?!

Beginning with God is meant to be used alongside the Beginner’s Bible. For what we call ‘Bible story’ we’ve just read our way through a collection of Bibles. And this was one of a number that we’ve used. We’ve also used the Big Picture Bible, the Storybook Bible, the Marks & Spencer Bible and the Read with me Bible. I’ve just made up questions on the spot so that we engage with God’s word. But this does the hard work for me. And it’s got stickers! But it’s the ideas to introduce the Bible story that I’ve most appreciated.

It’s intended to be done at the start of the day. Not a chance. That’s breakfast. At least it is in our house. We do it after bath and before bed. Bath, Bible and bed works best for us.

The book has four section. This is the website blurb.

  1. The main course: read today’s true story from the Bible; answer some simple questions; pray together; then stick in today’s colourful picture of the story.
  2. Appetiser: an optional activity to grab your child’s attention before the story.
  3. A snack for the journey: a conversation to have while out and about.
  4. Make it and munch it: optional craft activities to help your child remember today’s true story.

We just use the main course and the appetiser. But if our eldest was still pre-school we might use the other two suggestions.

In short, I think it’s terrific. We’re only a week in but we’re liking it so far. Liking it enough to promote in our All Age Congregation.

3 thoughts on “Quiet Times for Pre-Schoolers

  1. Zeph January 28, 2010 / 10:32 am

    Followed a link from “Best of Both Worlds”.

    God was guiding my browsing today as I’ve been looking for some help in my “read the bible every day with my 4 year old” intention.

    So, thank you – I’ve placed my order and am looking forward to sharing the book with my son.


  2. Zeph January 29, 2010 / 9:35 am

    Postman has just delivered “Beginning with God” and “Beginners Bible”. Both look excellent – the illustrations in the bible are very child friendly. I’m excited about our first “exploration” with these new books – so thanks again.


  3. theurbanpastor January 29, 2010 / 10:26 am

    Thanks for your comments.
    I think your boy is going to enjoy the stickers! Digby is collecting them on his pyjamas at the moment!
    I’ve had to supplement the two or three questions provided with a few others but that’s mainly because I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old with me at the same time. But we’re now through Genesis and it’s been a good time.
    The other resources to recommend for bible reading are the Story Book Bible by Sally LLoyd Jones – as your boy gets older I think he’ll love it. You can get it form the Good Book Company as well. We’ve also enjoyed XTB from them – explore the Bible and have done that at breakfast together on holiday. During the term it’s just too hectic and that practice has fallen by teh wayside recently.

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