The God Confusion just got cheaper

The God Confusion just got cheaper. tickets used to be £30, I think. But now there’s a new offer. It’s not for everyone. It’s for existing ticket holders who want to bring guests.

Stephen Fletcher, the Conventions Administrator, sent me this e-mail. He asked me to pass it on.

Thanks to everyone who has booked for The God Confusion. We’re looking forward to an exciting, enjoyable and insightful day on Saturday!

We want to encourage as many people as possible to come to this event who may be thinking through questions about the Christian faith, and so, as a one-off special offer in this last week, we have been able to fund a special offer making it possible for you to invite extra guests.

As a result of some generous underwriting, and supported by current bookings, we are able to make additional tickets to the event available to existing ticket purchasers only at a cost of £10. This offer reflects our hope that this will enable some of you to invite extra friends to join you at The God Confusion who otherwise would not have been able to come. To book, please call The Good Book Company on 0845 225 0880. Ticket sales will stop at 5pm on Friday March 12 and are subject to availability.

We realise that if you booked your ticket a few weeks ago, this offer might seem unfair, or put you at a disadvantage, but please understand that without your previous purchases, we would not be in a position to make this offer to help bring others under the sound of the gospel. We hope you understand, and will continue to pray and work with us to make this event a great day for the hearing and receiving of the Gospel.

So now’s a good time to offer to buy a ticket for your mates. It’s only a tenner and it will mean that they hear some of the finest Bible teachers deal with some of the common objections to taking the Christian faith seriously.

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