A Passion for Life – Banging the Drum One Last Time (perhaps?)

We’ve commenced the biggest week of CCB’s seven year history. We’ve never attempted anything like this. A Passion for Life kicked off yesterday with our two Sunday meetings.

Here are three things that I’ve encouraged our congregations to think about as we start.

1. Don’t miss out

There are lots of opportunities and lots of events to help people connect with Easter. Easter is such a big thing but I suspect that most people think that we’re more excited about Christmas. We’re not. But Do people know why? I suspect not. And so this is a chance to help them hear and understand the gospel.

I hate not being a part of something. I detest not being a part of something exciting. A Passion for Life is very exciting. We’re running this mission for other people’s benefit. Not our own. We could do with a rest. But we’re desperate for people to hear how wonderful Jesus Christ is. Don’t miss out.

2. Don’t give up

Lots of friends may have responded to our invitations with little more than disinterest. That’s been our experience. That can be so disheartening. But don’t give up. There may yet be some surprises. God may put people in your path ‘out of left field’ whom you never would have anticipated showing an interest. Have your antennae up and keep alert for opportunties. Keep plugging away doing the best that you can. Persistence pays. Imagine if the people who led us to Christ had quit at our first signs of indifference! Press on and don’t give up. Not now. Come to everything that you can. And do your very best to bring someone along.

3. Don’t stop praying

There are so many things going on this week. And so much is going on behind the scenes. There’ll be heaps of unseen and unheard conversations where people take up the chance to engage in spiritual chat. We’re going to collapse in a heap on Sunday night and then have to rouse ourselves for work the next day. And so we need God’s help. We need his power at work within us giving us the resources that we need to live for him and to speak for him this week. So don’t stop praying.

God willing we’ll have some amazing news to share in the days and weeks that follow. To use a sporting analogy let’s leave everything out on the field. Let’s not traipse back to the changing roooms on Sunday night and know that there was more that we could have done. Let’s not regret missed opportunities and feel slightly disappointed with ourselves for not doing, praying or saying more. This week isn’t the be all and end all of the Christian life. But it’s a fabulous opportunity to focus exclusively on helping our friends connect with Ester. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? We want them to connect with the Christ of Easter.

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