A Passion for Life – 10 Reasons to Come on Saturday Night

1. The gospel saves people, it really does (Romans 1:15&16)

2. Al Stewart is brilliantly clear and persuasive at presenting the gospel in a way that everyone finds engaging. We’ve struck gold in getting him to come along. He was first rate at The God Confusion and at The Men’s Curry Night. I see no reason why he won’t be similarly fabulous tomorrow night.

3. The title scratches where people are itching. ‘Why Bother with Jesus?’ is the issue that lots of people have. They’re happy for others to bother but they see no reason why they should themselves. We’re going to give it our best shot. Tell friends that we’ve got to be allowed to make our case and they ought to be willing to listen to it!

4. The vox pops are great. I’ve seen the edited version and the usual professional Quirky touch has been applied. Pete even wore a pink shirt to soften his confrontational manner!

5. The band have put in the hard yeards behind the scenes and the music will be awesome. This is the best band we’ve ever put together and so the all star cast will make sure that the musical component brings the house down.

6. The poll questions are fun

Why do you think that 33% of the world’s population bother with Jesus?

1. He gives them something to hold onto when life is tough

2. People are superstitious and Jesus is the religious version

3. There’s something compelling about Jesus

4. They’ve been brainwashed by their parents

5. He’s a great moral teacher and we all need direction

And no, even if you can think of something better, we’re not changing it now!

6. The Quirky Boys have a great concept for the animated slot. John’s working every waking moment to produce something that wouldn’t look out of place in an Oscar Nomination!

7. There’s nothing good on telly. I love rugby but we’re going to get stuffed. So avoid the horror show that will be France’s demolition of England and come along to Chestnut Grove instead. You could always set the recorder, as I am and watched it later. We can’t do the same with Al.

8. Rickey Raja’s going to give his testimony of how God saved him from his Hindu past and brought him to Christ.If you’ve heard it before you’ll know how exciting it it. If you haven’t, then come and hear it firsthand.

9. Al’s going to take questions and he’s really good on his feet. That’s where others get to set the agenda and have their questions dealt with.

10. If no-one comes it’ll look rubbish and simply strengthen the assumption that nobody’s interested in Christian things these days. Regulars, this is a three line whip! In the words of Kichener, ‘your church needs you!’ Come if you can, it’s going to be a great evening and a fitting climax to the special events of A Passion for Life.

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