A Passion for Life – Day 7

Saturday. The biggest day. Anxious and excited.

Normal family life resumed in the morning. Rosslyn took Flora to ballet. I took the boys to footy. Rufus played a blinder. Diggers whinged. Managed to persuade Rosslyn to pick him up and get him out of the rain. Had a few brief conversations with Dads on the touchline but nothing of any substance. The weather was miserable. Thinking of doing mission in May next year when at least we can be knackered with the sun on our backs!

Headed off to Wimbledon for my rugby game. London Irish 2’s turned up with an incomplete side and so the game was cancelled. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. I’ve never had that happen in 20 years of playing senior rugby. We played some touch and then headed in to watch the Wales game. Thought I’d use the time by helping Pete and the team to set up the school hall. Great to see so many people pitching in and helping; a real team effort. The hall looks great and not unlike a set from High School Musical!

A lot of people put in a lot of effort to make Saturday night a success. But I have to pay tribute to my two members of staff; Anna and Pete. They’ve done a fantastic job and have worked under great pressure to make things happen. And it’s that quality about them both that I appreciate. They get things done.

Saturday night was terrific. Lee and I were hosts; she was witty and warm. And I stood on stage with her. The music was awesome. The experience of singing Amazing Grace will live with me for a long time. People may question why we had congregational singing at all at an evangelistic event. The short answer is that it’s our event and we’ll do what we like! The longer answer is that I wanted non-Christians to feel the force of our conviction that Jesus is worth bothering with. We only sing about the things that get us excited or the things that are important to us. And they don’t come any more important to us than Jesus. Amazingly all the technical aspects of the evening passed off without incident. Incredible effort from the Quirky Boys to get things done. Great animation; witty, subversive and clever. Rickey spoke well as he testified to God’s grace in saving him from his Hindu past. Al spoke from Luke 18 on the Rich Young Ruler and he did a great job; solid faithful Bible teaching with colour and warmth. We took written questions and Al was good on his feet. We had over 200 there and I guess 40 were guests. It was an effort but it was worth it for all those guests.

After finishing up at the school I headed back home. Caught up with Rosslyn to find out what the kids had made of Colin. They’d had a whale of a time. In going to Colin we recognised that Rosslyn wouldn’t be able to make the main event but we realised that the kids would be hit pretty hard by AP4L and the run in and so we took the deicion to give them a treat. And there aren’t many bigger treats than Colin! I think the kids are looking forward to getting their parents back. Sat down at 10.30pm to watch the England game with a cup of raspberry tea and realised what I’d been missing the whole six nations; rugby.

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