A ‘Normal’ Week – Day 2

Monday morning. Rosslyn let me sleep in. My first waking moment, apart from the time at 4am when Digby decided that he was scared, couldn’t sleep and needed to come into our bed, was hearing the kids’ shout ‘goodbye Daddy’ as they left for school. That meant I had 30 minutes until the staff arrived for our weekly admin meeting. Not ideal. But very nice. No quiet time today but made sure that we read the Bible at the start of staff meeting, mainly to salve my conscience. Not sure that’s the best reason to read the Bible at staff meeting, but it made me feel better about sleeping in!

Reviewed Sunday’s meetings, the last week and recent events. Planned the forthcoming week which is pretty hectic; Maundy Thursday Meal, Good Friday All Age Meeting and Easter Day. Looked further ahead into next term. And spent some time thinking about people.

I operate in categories that try to cover the bases to be aware of; visitors, strugglers, sufferers, sinners and blokes worth watching [BWW]! The BWW’s are men and women who show ministry nous, they’re self starters who are keen to be put to work. They expand our ministry capacity at CCB and can therefore be a great help to others. We try and identify them, set them a vision, train them and set them free. Pete and I are resolved to try and find time to meet up with the blokes and read the Bible and pray with them more often. It’s the people stuff that so often gets pushed out by meetings and prep. But we’re both Fathers now and getting out of the house before the start of the day stitches up our wives a little because they have to cope with the kids. But the benefit to the men concerned and the congregation as a whole from guys who are maturing in the faith and taking on more responsibility ought to mean it’s worth it.  The nature of our church congregation means that early mornings and evenings are the only times during the week to see people. Saturday is a day off and Sunday is often taken up with church, last minute prep and hospitality. Travelling up to town for lunch takes time but we’re minded to make this happen somehow. It’s too important to go on neglecting it as we have.

Staff meeting finished about 11.30am. And we all went our happy ways to do what we said we’d do. Had the briefest of looks at the summer preaching programme. I got out some papers that I had to read in advance of a School Governors Appeals Panel at 2pm. Read the papers and summarised the case in a document. Didn’t have time for lunch.

Spent the afternoon in the meeting. A parent had lodged a complaint aaginst the school for a failure to deal adequately with instances of bullying. We heard from the parent, the Head Teacher and several of the staff. We then tried to make sense of the whole situation and reach a judgement. We finished just before 6pm. I can’t say too much for obvious reasons. But it was interesting to me how prevalent an ideological commitment to behaviour modification without punitive measures was assumed to be desirable. I’m not so sure that the Bible is as negative about retributive justice! But I need to do more work on this. I view my involvement as a School Governor as a mercy minstry. But I do wonder whether Acts 6 means that I should get someone else to do it. It can be a lot of work, especially if you want to do it well. Trouble is that there’s no one else from CCB that could be a Parent Governorat this school.

Got back home, changed and took Rufus and his friend Luca to cricket nets. Grabbed a hot cross bun and cup of tea; happy days! It was the last indoor training session of the term and so we staged a one day international. Rufus hit the shot of the day; an offside drive through the covers with a gloriously high front elbow. But hit wicket as he did so. He was gutted. And then realised that he’d been bowled by a girl! To his credit he happily confessed to this when he saw his sister at home.

Sat and had supper with Rosslyn. Stayed off the wine; trying to lose a stone. Got my head down early-ish.

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