A ‘Normal’ Week – Day 3

Took the kids to school this morning as Rosslyn headed off to work. It was raining and so the etachers took them straight indoors. There was little playground interaction with the other parents. Shame because that’s always an enjoyable start to the day and often leads into some useful conversations.

Spent the first part of the morning catching up on e-mails and sorting out what should have been done the day before, had it not been for the Governors’ meeting. Key stuff to sort out was the new Christianity Explored course, the new web site material, responding to a couple of newcomers, following up some visitors and arranging to meet someone for coffee, Bible and prayer.

Met CJ Davis for lunch; we try and do it once a term. CJ is the Rector of St Nicholas’ Tooting, the Chairman of Reform and all round encouraging man. I took him to Gazette for a croque monsieur! Are you spotting a pattern? Managed to leave my wallet in the car. Rosslyn had the car. Lunch was on CJ! There was no agenda for our meeting other than to catch up, reflect on A Passion for Life and find out how things were going in our respective churches. Rufus will be going to the same school as his son from next term and so itw as good to get the ‘low down’ on what to expect. I left hugely encouraged about ministry in general and very grateful that God has placed CJ in our neck of the woods.

Afterwards I headed off to Cafe Nero where I had just about enough cash for a Raspberry and Ginseng tea! What can I say; I’ve changed. Started off doing some text work on Luke 23 for the all age service talk. I’m doing the criminal on the cross. Friday morning on Good Friday is an all age service, which for us means that we have a super extended beefed up kids’ slot and no adult sermon. I usually spread it over the whole meeting and intersperse the teaching points with songs and prayers. That way we’re not requiring the smaller kids to concentrate for too long. The prep was good. I think I have an outline. It may go something like this

  • He realised that he was guilty (40)
  • He realised that Jesus was a King (41)
  • He realised that heaven was real (42)

It’s not quite there yet. I’m not entirely happy with the second point because it’s a stretch from his declaration of Jesus’ innocence. And I haven’t got any illustrations, which is troubling. My philosophy of kids’ illustrations is that they need to be big and eye catching, which means that I need to make them and paint them.

Got home before needing to collect the kids from After School Club. Managed to finish up some prep for Ministry Matters (MM). MM is our ministry training course. It’s a course designed to help people contribute to church life. It helps them to understand and apply the Bible to life. We cover Biblical Expository Skills, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology especially the Doctrines of Grace, Practical Theology and church ministry. We came to the end of our ‘Understanding and Teaching the Bible’ Module. I covered something on application; the reason for which we read the Bible. It was a good session; people seemed engaged and there were some lights going on about what we’re trying to do with Bible studies and sermons and so on. I made the observation that I suspect that most Bible studies focus far too much on textual obersavtion rather than practical application. They refrained from pointing out that the same thing could be said about my sermons! I explained the difference between application to the head, the heart and the hands.

  1. intellectual application; truths to be believed
  2. emotional application; attitudes to be fostered
  3. volitional application; behaviour to be changed

We thought about appying the scriptures to our invidual life, congregational life, societal life and national life. And we recognised that within our individual lives we could think in terms of four spheres that cover most, if not all of our existence;

  1. home; eg marriage, family, flat share, peer group
  2. work; eg colleagues, attitudes, evangelism,
  3. church; eg service, personal devotional life, worship,
  4. leisure; eg friendships, godliness, recrestions, sports, social life

Had a glass of white with Rosslyn and went to bed. No bedtime reading; I’m getting out of the habit. I haven’t quite settled into my new John O’Farrell ‘May Contain Nuts’.

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