A ‘Normal’ Week – Day 6

Today was Good Friday. What a great day it is too. I’d set the alarm for 0600 but then ignored it. I got up at half seven and dived straight into the study. It’d be fair to say that there was still work to be done on the all age talk. The all age talk is essentially an extended kids’ slot. Each section is about the length of a normal kids’ slot. But if there are 2, 3 or 4 points then we intersperse them with songs.

We were back in Telferscot School, which meant that we had very little to do to set up. Pete was leading and so I could try and ingrain the talk into my brain in between each point. I ended up with a talk in which we looked at the silly criminal who hurled insults at Jesus and the sensible criminal who realised three significant things.

  1. He realised the truth about himself; that he was guilty
  2. He realised the truth about Jesus; that he was a King who had died for his sins
  3. He realised the truth about heaven; that it was really real

If we want to be sensible, we’ll realise the same things. And we’ll say ‘sorry for our sins, thank you for dying for us and please let me be a part of your kingdom’. I was pretty pleased with how it had gone. The kids were attentive, with the occasional exception of my number two son. They answered the questions at the end of each point to show that they’d grasped it. And I’d been able to add a bit of colour and excitement whilst going ‘off piste’ from the notes. I really liked the big brother illustration who steps in so that we don’t get punished.

I didn’t count but we had a good crowd and about a dozen kids. Lots of the families have gone away on holiday or to see parents. Christmas and Easter are strange times in Balham; no one’s here! But those that were had a good time. People lingered at the end of the meeting and we were still there ages after the formal completion of the meeting.

I took the afternoon off work. It was a Bank Holiday after all. Flora and I went into Balham so that I could get a haircur and so that we could have some ‘Daddy special time’. This consists of me buying her a horrible magazine of her choice, sitting in a cafe of her choice and talking. High School Musical is flavour of teh month. Bertie and Boo served us hot chocolate and a flat white to die for. The conversation was delightful, even when we were wonderfully interrupted by one of the congregation who happened to be there at the same time. I love community in LOndon; it’s precious because it’s rare. And it’s so valuable when it happens. We went to see Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang late afternoon. What a terrific film! It was fun and moving. I had a surrepticious weep at one point. And at teh end of teh film Rosslyn confessed to a similar response! In the car on the way home, we had a conversation with the kids about what five lessons they’d need to learn from Nanny McPhee. It didn’t take us long to work up a list!

As the end of the week draws closer I realsie that I really need a break. The signs of weariness are unmistakable. I got disproportionately wound up by an e-mail and a few things that have been said. I’ve not said anything but had to exercise self control not to fire off an angry response. A few days away, somesleep, no access to e-mails and being surrounded by people who don’t speak the same language ought to do the trick! That and some time praying, reading the scriptures and getting my nose into a good Christian book.

Went back into the study in the evening to try and finish off a few loose ends before we head off on holiday on Easter Monday. The ‘Dear Friends’ needs editing and the preaching programme needs tweaking.

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