A ‘Normal’ Week – Day 7

Saturday. Day off. Rosslyn has the marriage wrecking cough once again. We’re about to go away on holiday, so I should have expected it. It’s a sign of being run down and we both feel a bit like that. The adrenalin rush that was AP4L has subsided and we’re about to collapse in a heap.

Got up late and eased myself into the day with some porridge and ‘real’ coffee. Rosslyn and Rufus were due some ‘special; time’ and so they headed off to Sainsbury’s and Starbucks. I headed off to the study. I wanted to give some useful feed back to apprentice minister’s sermon draft for Sunday night. Had to look at the text for myself and work out what I thought Luke was doing in his resurrection account, then read Simon’s draft and then did both again a couple of times! Then had to work out what to say and how to say it. In truth it was better than 90% of the sermons that would be preached in churches on Easter Sunday. But that’s not good enough. Because a load of them will be pants. In fact far too many will be complete toilet and somewhere dangerously on the heretical spectrum. Simon’s wasn’t. It was fine. It was better than that. But there’s always room for improvement; as everyone keeps telling me!! And we want to do the best we can for the good of the congregation and the glory of God.

Took the afternoon off work so that we could go to the Boat Race. We were due to join a family from church at the  enclosure in Bishop’s Park. Flora, Rufus and I headed up to Putney but Diggers was at a party so Rosslyn stayed behind. We’re Oxford supporters. This has nothing to do with which University I went to. Warwick weren’t taking part. They probably hadn’t qualified again. It’s amazing how Oxford and Cambridge managed to get through to the final every year!

Got into the study in the evening. The kids’ slot is almost done for the morning. Looking forward to holiday.

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