Mark Ashton

Mark Ashton died on Easter Saturday this year. Great timing. He knew it was coming. He’d been suffering from cancer for the previous 15 months.

I couldn’t say I knew him, not really. I’d met him a few times. But his ministry impacted me. If you’re an Anglican evangelical you can’t really avoid his influence; whether it’s his book ‘Christian Youth Work’ or meeting those who’ve benefitted from his years at STAG in Cambridge. And on more than one occasion I’ve found myself listening to his expositions to work out what to think on a particular passage.

His Memorial service took place on 23 April. The two addresses, one from Jonathan Fletcher and the other from Christopher Ash can be found here. The first of these is especially worth listening to.

I read his booklet ‘On my way to heaven: Facing death with Christ’. It’s 20 minutes well spent. You can get it here. I’m trying to work out how best we can use it at CCB.

The Times includes Mark’s obituary today. Find it here.

3 thoughts on “Mark Ashton

  1. Cathy May 13, 2010 / 8:13 pm

    Thanks for this … I knew he was ill but hadn’t heard of his death. My time at STAG was hugely significant in my Christian life, so I have great reasons to be thankful for his ministry.

  2. Hutch May 17, 2010 / 5:02 pm

    … we are going through a series looking at the significance of the Resurrection. Last Sunday we were looking at Stingless Death from 1 Cor 15. Quotes were used from Mark Ashton’s booklet in the sermon and then everyone was given a booklet to take home. Think it worked well. 🙂

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