Pakula Packs a Punch!

This rocks! If you’ve got kids or you know kids, do them a favour and get it. It’s a kids’ album by Ben Pakula. It’s totally awesome! I sound like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted.

I cannot recommend this album enough. It’s terrific.

We’ve just come back from our Easter holiday in France and it accompanied much of our long distance travelling. It’s genius. There are two things in particular that I love about it. It’s musically credible and it’s densely yet accessibly theologically. Musically I’m pretty sure that I struggle to distinguish my elbow from any other part of my anatomy. But I know what I like. And more importantly my kids know what they like. They’re aged 9, 7 and 5 and they love it. Colin is brilliant and I won’t hear a word said against him. But there’s a stage where you begin to grow out of him. But the heavier guitar emphasis and somewhat ‘rockier’ feel had the kids playing air guitar, drums and headbanging in the back of the car.

The biblical theology is awesome. Consider the lyrics to his opening song entitled, ‘A Very Special Tent’

There once was a tent, a very special tent,
a tent God came to live in.
His people would have died if they went too far inside
because a holy God can’t stand sinning! (uh oh!)
But God made a way that he could stay with them.
An animal died to pay for sin,
so once a year God would let a high priest in
to show his people he loved them.


Oh the love of the mighty mighty God,
the mighty mighty God who deals with sin
Oh the love of the mighty mighty God,
let’s turn and follow him!

There once was a man, a very special man,
the fullness of God lived in him.
He gave his perfect life as a perfect sacrifice
like the animal that died for sinning!
You see, Jesus died to pay for all our sin,
and God’s holy anger went down on him.
He paid the price by death and suffering
but he did it because he loves us!

There once was a tomb, a dark and gloomy tomb
the body of Jesus lay in.
But he gave his friends a scare when they came to find him there
And they discovered something so amazing?
You see Jesus rose! He conquered death and sin!
He’s the true high priest that God let in
to the tent in heaven where God has always been
and that’s how we know God loves him!

Now we are a tent, a very special tent,
the Spirit of God lives with us
Because the Lord has died, we’ve all been justified
and given new life in Christ Jesus!
So let’s all live with Jesus as the king,
‘Cos he’s the mighty, mighty God who deals with sin
and when we die we’ll be in the tent with him
‘Cos we know that he loves us!

That’s pretty impressive song writing. Our small group Bible study groups are neck deep in Hebrews at the moment and there’s a few songs on the album that might help them get their heads round it. Ben’s background is Judaism, which explains his familiarity with Old Testament concepts and their fulfilment in Christ.

The blurb says

A Very Special Tent by Ben Pakula offers something unique in the world of children’s Christian music. If you want your kids to be introduced to more ‘meaty’ Biblical concepts, and if they’re at the stage where they’re ‘too cool’ for kids music, then this album is for you! Ben fuses Biblical theology with ‘wacky hard rock’, showing kids how the whole Bible is all about Jesus Christ.

A while ago Lionel Windsor over at the Sola Panel wrote a rave review. I didn’t read it then but I have now. And I couldn’t agree more with his comments. Sandy Grants qualifying comments in the response section are worth reading. Although it’s marketed as heavy metal we’re not talking Iron Maiden. It’s heavy rock more akin to Def Leppard. I’ll stop now.

Our kids aren’t yet ready or willing to give up on Colin. But they’re ready to supplement him with something else. This is it.

One thought on “Pakula Packs a Punch!

  1. timhneale June 12, 2012 / 2:54 pm

    We’re always on the hunt for quality music for the kids too and although ‘Super Saviour’ gets a hearing on most journeys a change will be most welcome. Thanks for the tip off.

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