The Wittiest Welshman on the World Wide Web?

I think I’ve said before that the principle reason I go on ministry conferences is to have a laugh and meet up with old mates. Of course there are other more godly reasons to go. And I share some of those, some of the time. But much of what I can access at a conference I can now access online. So why go? There’s no substitute for staying up late, sitting in the bar mocking your mates. It’s our love language.

One of the highlights of those conferences over the years has been the unerring wit of Paul Levy. He’s every bit as funny as he looks. The Proc Trust Ministers Conferences feel  predominately English and Anglican. Paul is Welsh and Presbyterian. That’s a special kind of minority that produces a special kind of persecution complex! But he’s very level headed about it. He’s got a chip on both shoulders.

His apoplectic reaction to Jonathan Fletcher’s seminar on the history of evangelicalism in the UK, which failed to mention Lloyd-Jones, will never leave me. I’m still not sure whether JJMF didn’t do that on purpose!

Levy is usually entertaining. Occasionally he’s right. And he’s always worth listening to.  And someone’s now told me I can access it online. I’m not a big reader of others’ blogs but this one is a must.

Very kindly Paul gave me a ‘big up’ on the Reformation21 Blog. You should have seen the spike in the number of hits that day! I don’t expect them to be back. But it was good for the ego whilst it lasted. I can reassure him that my fawning over Mark Driscoll has come to an end. If it ever started. I’d heard that he was blogging. Subscribe. My current favourites are his blog on Clueless Church, Jonathan Fletcher’s Reform video and the one about America stealing the best of British talent.

2 thoughts on “The Wittiest Welshman on the World Wide Web?

  1. levy May 11, 2011 / 9:04 am


    you’re a good man. Where did you get that photo?
    I’ll buy you lunch for this post!

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