Effort and the Christian Life

I’m not a voracious consumer of blogs. I just don’t have the time. But if someone wanted to but me an i-pad so that it’s easier to read them on the go then I could change! Anyone? You can’t blame me for trying. In a test against India at Trent Bridge a few years ago Alistair Cook mentioned champagne, it was picked up by the stump microphone and someone sent a case to the dressing room. Does lightning strike twice?

But despite not poring over others’ blogs, there are a few that merit a regular visit. Kevin deYoung’s is one of those. The place of work or effort in the Christian life has been a matter of discussion with one or two people at CCB. I remember being helped by the following phrase, ‘we’re not saved by our works, nor are we saved without works but we are saved for works’. But that doesn’t quite nail the issue we’ve been discussing. Kevin’s post goes into a little more depth. He defends the biblical view that the Christian life is one in which we need to exert ourselves. And explains that the exhortation to exertion is not denying that wonderful gospel truth of justification by faith. You can find it here.

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