Planting for Christ

The second Co-Mission day conference ‘Planting for Christ’ is on Wednesday 21st March this year. The theme of the day is ‘The Mission of the Church’.

No doubt they’ll be interacting with some of the material in Greg Gilbert’s and Kevin de Young’s book. At least that’s what I’m assuming since Richard hasn’t ever read Christian books for fun and it’s been open on his desk for weeks!

The aims of the conference are stated as follows

  • To explore Biblical principles that shape contemporary church-planting so we’re not just pragmatic but driven by God’s Word
  • To encourage Missional priorities for making disciples of all nations so we’re not just growing networks but reaching unbelievers with the gospel
  • To share Practical wisdom from proven church planters for British urban contexts so we’re not just theoretical but effective

and so to glorify Christ, the Saviour and Lord of the church who is our motivation, model and message.

Richard Coekin and Al Stewart are the main speakers, though that’s a little unfair. There are more than ten main speakers. Half of the day is given over to seminars which allows for a good deal of flexibility in choice.

I’m interested in hearing what Steve Timmis has to say about ‘Nurturing missional Godliness in Plants’ in the first session. Though it’ll be a shame to miss hearing William Taylor on ‘Priorities in City Centre Plants’. Phil Allcock and Pete Woodcock on ‘Making Disciples One to One’ will be gold dust. I’m going to send our staff to different seminars and tell them to take extensive notes. Or record it on their mobile!

In the second seminar session Justin Mote’s session on ‘Deciding where to Plant’ should be stimulating and Roo Standring and Paul Dawson’s answer to ‘Planting with or despite the C of E’ will undoubtedly be informed by their contrasting experiences north and south of the river Thames!

You can find further details of the day here. You’ll find the complete list of seminars there.

You can book a place via the Good Book website here.

I work for Co-Mission and so you’d expect me to say this, but I think it looks great. The number of different speakers is exciting. They come from different countries. For example Al Barth is from the USA and Al Stewart is from Australia. The contexts the speakers work in are very different. For example Steve Casey works on a northern council estate, Mike Cain in the suburban south and William Taylor in the city centre. Theologically the speakers’ convictions will be pretty similar. So whilst there won’t be the nervous excitement we enjoyed last year when Mark Driscoll got up to speak, there’ll be the settling confidence of knowing that we’re all on the same page!

2 thoughts on “Planting for Christ

  1. MichaelA February 7, 2012 / 1:55 am

    Best wishes for the conference Richard, to you and all at Co-Mission.

    It sounds like a great bunch of speakers. Al Stewart was our bishop for a short time, and I am sure you will find him inspirational.

    May the Lord continue to bless the ministry of all faithful churches in Southwark.

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