Four Days till Easter – A Word of Anguish

This is the fourth of a series of seven short meditations to help us prepare for Easter. They focus on the seven ‘words’ that Jesus spoke from the cross. These are recorded for us in the gospels. Rightly understood, they stimulate our appreciation of, our affection for and our adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The fourth word that Jesus spoke was a word of anguish. Look at John 19:28

28 Later, knowing that all was now completed, and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.”

Jesus spoke a word of anguish when he said ‘I thirst’. These words brought to fulfilment Psalm 69:21. This is a Psalm in which David, the Lord’s righteous servant, faced suffering at the hands of his enemies. His words draw attention to the fact that, in his crucifixion, Jesus suffered. This wasn’t a short pain free death. It was prolonged. And it involved real and terrible suffering. Jesus experienced all the same physical pain and hardship that anyone dying on a cross would have suffered. He did nothing to alleviate the pain or minimise his intense physical anguish. And so, in these words, we see that Jesus’ suffering was real and horrifically painful. They remind us that Jesus’ death was hugely costly to him and involved painful personal sacrifice.

Therefore, will you accept that the suffering that we deserve for our sin has been taken by Jesus on the cross?

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