Unrest in Southwark III

In a recent post I mentioned that some churches within the Diocese of Southwark were so incensed by the trajectory of biblical revisionism evident from the Bishop of Southwark’s recent senior appointments that they were considering a proposal to withhold their quota from the Diocese. It seems as though there have been some developments. The Good Stewards Trust has been formed. The Directors of that trust fund have produced a Frequently Asked Questions sheet to deal with the misunderstanding and misrepresentation that is apparently abounding!

The following link takes you to the FAQ page.

At CCB we do not pay any monies to the Diocese. Never have. But then, neither do we receive any. We don’t cost the Diocese anything. We are, what you might call, a bargain! I think that’s true for all the Co-Mission churches south of the river. This is a position I’m happy with. I’m convinced that we need to be good stewards of the money that people have given us for the purposes of gospel ministry. Using it to fund heretical churches doesn’t come under that remit. And that seems to be unavoidable in a centralised Diocesan structure. Of course, churches like ours must still be generous and therefore support other ministries. We mustn’t be self serving. And that’s why we’ll give money away to mission partners who share the same gospel and the same gospel priorities. That’s why we’ll help support gospel minsitries in socially deprived places that are unlikely to be able to pay their own way. But that’s impossible to do in a theologically compromised Diocese with centralised decision making. Better (financially) out than in, if we want to be good stewards. That seems to be the way forward at the moment.

One thought on “Unrest in Southwark III

  1. Lauri Moyle May 1, 2012 / 3:57 pm

    The FAQ is very helpful indeed. Good to see also that those Churches who opt for the trust “will still pay their own clergy costs and still pay a contribution towards Diocesan and National Church central costs.”

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