Mission Encouragements

This is our week of mission. I know! Every week should be a week of mission. I agree. And it is. Sort of. But this is a week of mission events. And we’ve got some crackers.But this isn’t a post about that. I may get round to it. But I’m so headless I suspect not. This is about an encouragement to do mission.

Recovering from the rigours of a Sunday that began at 0500 and finished at 2230, I browsed the Briefing with my morning cup of tea. This terrific little article caught my attention. It deserves a wider audience I thought. And so, for all you non-Briefing readers out there (shame on you!) and especially for my partners in the gospel at Christ Church Balham here it is. It’s Jean Williams’ top ten tips to sharing the gospel with others. It’s immensely practical and very helpful. There are lots of reasons that I don’t speak about Christ that have to do with embarrassment, the fear of others’ opinions, preoccupation with lots of other less important things and so on. But as a stimulating reminder of what I’d like to be doing a more of and how I might actually do more of it, I found it hugely encouraging.


2 thoughts on “Mission Encouragements

  1. Miriam May 14, 2012 / 12:04 pm

    Small world – my old piano teacher from high school commented on that article, Perks!

    • theurbanpastor May 14, 2012 / 1:16 pm

      How can you be sure we’re not the same person Mim? I mean, have you ever seen us together at the same time?

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