New Archbishop of Canterbury

The secular media can smell blood. The Crown Nominations Committee is meeting for the next three days to consider which two names to present to the Prime Minister on Friday.

The BBC website has an article explaining the process here. And they’ve got a chart to help you consider the main runners and riders here.

The Guardian has an interactive guide to help you predict who you think will get it. Find it here.

There are, I think, sixteen people lay and clergy who have the responsibility of choosing the two candidates. One will be the preferred choice.

Pray for this committee. I don’t think the choice will make a massive difference to the progress of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this country. That’s the job of local churches and the Christians who make up those congregations. But it might be helpful to have a man in the role who encourages churches to speak about Jesus Christ by modelling it in his media appearances. And it might be encouraging to have a senior church official who leads from the front in being vilified for saying what’s biblical and not what’s fashionable.

Following the announcement of his appointment to the position of Archbishop of Sydney in 2001, Peter Jensen stood before the faculty and students of Moore Theological College and asked us to pray that he’d talk about God, Jesus and the Bible. That’s the kind of man I’d happily follow. I’m praying that just such a man might be in the mix.

One thought on “New Archbishop of Canterbury

  1. Sarah S September 26, 2012 / 5:00 pm

    think my favourite is the Bishop Durham. Can clearly see what side of the fence he seats on the major issues. Seems to hold sensible views and has good experience outside the church.

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