Mexican Missionary

2013-06-02 14.26.59On our recent trip to the States, we unexpectedly met up with an old friend from Australia.

Pete Sholl was a fellow fourth year student at Moore Theological College, Sydney when Rosslyn and I studied there for a semester in 2001. At the same time as he completed his four-year MTh, he also pastored Inner West Bible Fellowship, a church plant from St Matthias (where Philip Jensen was the Senior Minister). For the six months that we were there, this was our church family and Pete was our pastor. The congregation has since been grafted onto St Matthew’s Ashbury.

Pete and his wife, Sarah and their three girls are now based in Monterrey, Mexico. They’re out there with the Australian Church Missionary Society. He heads up the Moore College external studies programme. And so he’s aiming to train Christians throughout Latin America. His work has the potential to be massively influential for the gospel in that part of the world. He’s able to reach and equip hundreds of pastors, many of whom have little access to formal theological training. Do pray for the work of the Moore College Correspondence Course overseas. I’ve been challenged to do so.

Pete’s developed close links with Bill Lovell and Christ Church Carrollton, the church that hosted the Conference on the Bible, at which I spoke last week. And so, quite unexpectedly, when he turned up at the Conference we got to hook up and catch up on the last ten years. Honestly, it felt like we rolled back the years and simply took up where we left off. It was a real tonic.

He’s blogging here. You might want to check it out. Matthias Media also ran an interview with Pete a while back. And he blogged for a while for the Sola Panel. His stuff is well worth reading.




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