Planting for Christ 2014

file_gbt2boo5x6iaxsvsx3latwcamfhjfwzyDetails of ‘Planting for Christ’ have finally emerged. It’s the day church planting conference run by Co-Mission. I’m a massive fan of this conference. I think it’s excellent. I’m sure I’m not supposed to say this given that it’s run by the organisation of which I’m a part. But I have no part in planning it. And until this year I’ve barely been involved in it. So I don’t feel conflicted. And it’s usually the seminars that make it for me.

You can find details here.

The aim of this planting conference is threefold.

1. To explore biblical principles that should shape contemporary church planting so we’re not just pragmatic but driven by God’s word.

2. To encourage missional priorities for making disciples of all nations so we’re not just growing our networks but reaching the lost with the Gospel

3. To share practical wisdom of proven church-planters for British contexts so we’re not just theoretical but realistic and effective, and so to glorify Christ, the Lord of the Church who is our motivation, model and message.

The theme this year is ‘Get Going: Keep Going’.

As in past years, there are two plenary sessions. And placed in between them, either side of lunch, are two practical seminars. This year Andy Patterson, the FIEC Director of Planting will speak on the subject of what level of sacrifice is ‘tolerable’. And unexpectedly, I’ve been asked to speak on the subject of what constitutes ‘sucess’ in planting. Short answer? Spoiler alert: Still being a Christian, married and able to string together a coherent sentence! I made need more than that. And 1 Corinthians 3 should help.

Arguably the best part of ‘Planting for Christ’ is the seminars.

Under the ‘Get Going’ heading of seminars Reuben Hunter from Acts 29 and Trinity West Church will talk about getting going in a city centre. Reuben is the pioneer planter who’s led the Acts 29 plant in the Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush area.

Jason Roach, from the Bridge Battersea, and Graham Miller, the Chief Executive of London City Mission, will talk about getting going in a Urban Priority Area (UPA). The Bridge is a collaborative church plant between Co-Mission and LCM.

Pete Woodcock and Simon Martin are going to talk about getting going in the suburbs. Simon has recently planted the Kings’s Church Walton on Thames. And Pete is the Co-Mission cluster leader from Cornerstone Kingston who’s encouraged Simon throughout the process.

Richard Coekin will run a church planting clinic in which he’ll respond to questions posed by the delegates. Richard provides this workshop on a termly basis. It’s an opportunity to download the wisdom compiled over years of doing church planting himself, overseeing church plants in Co-Mission and advising lots of others who seek his advice.

The seminars after lunch are about keeping going throughout the hardships and demands of church planting ministry.

Andrew Nicholls, the Biblical Counselling supremo within Co-Mission, will talk about keeping your marriage going.

Jeremy Hobson from Trinity Church in Islington is going to address the issue of how we keep going in our private spiritual devotions. For me, it’s toss up between this one and the next.

Andy Mason, the Senior Minister St John’s Chelsea, will talk about how we keep going through discouragements.

And Neil Powell from the 2020 Birmingham, the church planting initiative in that city, is going to help us make sense of life with the financial pressures.

I think it’s going to be great. The nuts and bolts practical approach of the seminars is what sets it apart, even as a ministry conference. You can book a place here.



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