2014-03-26 20.11.19I’m really proud of our mission. In a good way, not an unattractive arrogant full of our own brilliance sort of a way. I just thought it was gutsy. We only did two things, which was realistic given the busyness of London life and the size of our church family. And both of them were gospel talks. We didn’t try to piggy back the gospel on an otherwise entertaining event. Of course, there’s always a place for other types of events. We need a ‘mixed economy’ so that we make it easy for friends to access the gospel at an event they’re likely to attend. And if that means running a wine tasting or asking a group of lumberjacks to do their thing, then so be it (more of that in a later post). We want people to hear the brilliant news of Jesus Christ. And so we’ll put on all sorts of events that encourage people to come and church members to invite their friends.

What was so great about these two talks is that they did what they said on the tin. We said we’d address the issue of whether there was a God and why we should care. And we said that we’d address the issue of only having one life and being careful not to waste it. And we did. We had a half hour talk at each evening. And then we invited peopel to submit questions on paper or to text them in to the church mobile. And then I gave people the opportunity to comment or question things from the floor. There was a great atmosphere and more importantly there seemed to be serious engagement with the issues that had been raised.  Lots of conversations continued up until last orders.

In my opinion our guest speaker, Martin Ayers, did a tremendous job in both talks. And he was exceptional in question time. He’s on the staff team at All Saints Preston (who must be delighted to have him supplementing the Vicar, Daf Meririon-Jones for the three years of his curacy). And Martin’s the author of ‘Naked God: The Truth About God Exposed‘. It’s a great read (although every time I write these words on a computer our accounatbility software sends an e-mail alert to a couple of ‘partners’).

We held the talks in the Wheatsheaf, opposite Tooting Bec tube. The function room at the back is a fabulous space with a makeshift stage constructed from milk crates and a playwood sheet. The ales on tap were also terrific (try the Otter when you get a moment). Both evenings were well attended. Wednesday evening in particular was rammed. And there were good numbers of guests at both. About twenty non-Christians heard the gospel. And they could not have failed to engage with the issues. They were evenings to be proud of.

The truth is that we probably got fewer along to these events than we will with the forthcoming Axeman, Beer and Hog Roast evening. But the few got more to interact with. And so, do you go for more with fewer or less with more? It’s a trade off, isn’t it? I’m pleased that this time we went for more with fewer. Because perhaps it’ll mean that the fewer will go further.

2 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. Windy_London March 28, 2014 / 10:13 pm

    Love it. A lot of the best “soft” evangelism is done over a curry or a Chinese with some mates where one of us gets an opportunity to spontaneously share our testimony and a verse or two. I don’t need the log choppers to make that happen. Having a speaker like Mr Ayers though is great value for money. For the mate who has already heard my testimony and shown an interest, Martin helps take it to the next level.

  2. MichaelA April 1, 2014 / 4:56 am

    Richard, that is very encouraging to hear, especially the involvement of All Saints Preston which has a long history of devotion to evangelism.

    In these troubled time, faithfulness to our Lord’s commission is more important than ever.

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