My Sunday Highlight – the Kids’ Slot

2015-01-12 10.17.11There can’t be many churches that choose Athanasius’ theological conflict with Arius as the subject of their kids’ slot. More fool them.

Of course, it depends on how you do it. But if you do it like Hannah did it on Sunday, you’ll be fine. She was clear. She was simple. She was faithful. And she brought the fun. All of which you need for a successful kids’ slot at CCB.

The opportunity to present our forthcoming series as theological battles sent her running to Sports Direct for a large pair of boxing gloves. She tells me she’s got the rest of the series planned out. And I believe her. Who’d have though that the idea for our series ‘Truth Worth Fighting For’ would emerge from the Christmas holiday reading habits of our children’s’ worker.

2015-01-12 10.16.55The substance of Hannah’s slot was that Jesus was fully God and fully man. Not everyone at the time believed that. But he did. Because he read his Bible. Unlike Arius. Who didn’t. As a result of his biblical faith he was kicked out of his home five times. But because he knew it mattered he kept on believing and teaching the same thing. My favourite line went something like ‘you may be the only person in your school playground who believes that Jesus is fully God and fully man’. That got number two son’s attention. He visibly sat up and listened more intently than usual. He’s convinced that no one else at school shares his view of Jesus. It’s a big school. And the Lord has others there. But he’s not met them yet. Discovering that there are truths worth fighting for is just what he needs to be convinced of. And he was. He was persuaded that Jesus’ divinity means that we can know what God is like and that Jesus’ humanity means that we can actually know God Himself. Hannah didn’t put it quite like that. But that was what she meant. It was terrific. I was as proud as punch that we’re willing to be bold in what we teach our kids.

We’ve got Dr Garry Williams from the John Owen Centre at the London Theological Seminary at the Co-Mission Workshop this Wednesday. He’s lecturing on Christology. I imagine he’ll go a bit deeper than ‘fully God and fully man’. But he won’t go further than that. And neither now will CCB’s kids!

2 thoughts on “My Sunday Highlight – the Kids’ Slot

  1. Pete Killingley January 17, 2015 / 9:47 am

    Interesting idea – what else is in the bigger series it’s part of?

  2. MichaelA January 19, 2015 / 12:14 am

    We often underestimate what kids can take in. Keep up the good work!

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