How to look after Apprentices

Apprentices are attracted to apprenticeships because of the relational component to ministry training. To ensure that happens we need to do these three things, at least.

1. Open up your home and let them see your family life: the best relationships with apprentices I’ve had have been with people I’ve known beforehand and who come spend time in our family home and share our lives in a meaningful way. That’s easiest when they don’t have their own family with their own commitments. It works best when the apprentice and his wife, if he has one, become like extra older teenage kids!

2. Open up your diary and spend time doing and reflecting on ministry together: apprenticeships are on the job training and so they need to see us do it and then evaluate it and we need to see them doing it and then evaluate it. So make sure that you go to each others’ events and talks and so on.

3. Open up your heart and share your passions, frustrations, disappointments and joys: let them see how our relationship with the Lord impacts our appetite for gospel ministry.

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