A children’s slot for pre-school and infant children to accompany a baptism

[You Need: small tent, wellies and a bucket full of water]

We’ve just come back from a camping holiday. We stayed in a tent a little bit bigger than this. But it would have taken ages to put up. Now there’s one important thing to remember about living in a tent.

You can’t come in unless you’re clean.

We had a bit of rain whilst we were away. And so we were glad we took our wellies with us. But what do you think I’d say to you if you come up to my tent wearing dirty wellies?

You can’t come in unless you’re clean.

I’m not going to let you in. You’ll mess up my tent. And so you need to wash your wellies and your feet before you come in.

OK, I need a volunteer.

[Get them to put the wellies on and try and get into the tent, tell them that ‘they can’t come in unless they’re clean’. Then get them to take off their wellies and clean their feet in the bucket so that they can go in. Put them in the tent for the rest of the slot watching what’s going on!]

The key thing to remember when camping is what?

You can’t come in unless you’re clean.

God says the same thing about heaven. He won’t let dirty people come in. He only wants clean people. But he’s not talking about mud. He’s talking about sin. Sin messes up heaven the way that mud messes up a tent. And God won’t let dirty sinners into his clean heaven. So we need to be clean. But unlike wellies and mud we can’t get the sin off to make ourselves clean. We need someone else to cleanse us from our sin. And that’s what Jesus did when he took away our sin and he died on the cross. He took away our sin and he made us clean.

In a moment we’re going to baptise Isabella. It’ll involve getting Isabella wet with water. Because she’s only little we’ll only use a little bit of water. The water reminds us that we need God to cleanse us if we’re ever going to get into heaven. It’s a great help isn’t it to remember what Jesus has done for us on the cross.

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