Christmas Experiment

A one off kid’s slot for Christmas. Props required are a large wheelie bin, a briefed and willing small child, several items that’ll become self evident and an indoor firework]

Good morning everyone. Great to see you. I’m the incredible Dr Rocktrin!

[Ham it up with fake wig, specs and white lab coat]

I’ve heard that it’s a very special time year. Who knows what time of year it is?

I’m going to do an experiment this morning. I want to find out what makes Christmas go with a bang. In other words, what makes Christmas so brilliantly special.

I’ve got hold of a special formula that should help our experiment.

[Unfurl a long formula using letters if the kids are older or pictures if not]

I’ve got a special electronic test tube [the wheelie bin]. We’ll put the various ingredients in the mix and wait to see what happens. Let’s follow the formula.

What do we need first?

[Point at pictures or letters and then put items in the wheelie bin]

  • Family & friends – put a willing briefed volunteer into the wheelie bin or perhaps just a photo!
  • Food and drink – put a frozen turkey in
  • Christmas music – DVD playing Jingle Bells
  • Presents – wrapped boxes

That should do it. But we need to plug in the electronic test tube. But the cord won’t reach so we need some other source of power. I need a volunteer, who wants to help out?

[Put volunteer on an exercise bike or as we had a lateral thigh trainer – don’t ask! Speak to volunteer – one of the older lads]

Your job is to generate some energy by cycling as fast as you can.

[Dim the lights, switch on the spotlight, feed the level of expectation, pause and then say that nothing’s happening. Get the person cycling to work harder!

Why didn’t it work? What have we left out? I thought we followed the formula. Let’s check the list again.

[Unfurl the formula a bit more to reveal Jesus Christ as the first part of the formula].

What’s this? We’ve left something out. It’s the first and most important thing. Can anyone tell me what it is?

[Put a doll or nativity scene into the wheelie bin]

Of course, we can’t have Christmas without Jesus Christ. He’s the most important part of Christmas. Let’s try again and see what happens…

[Lights dim, spotlight on, build sense of anticipation and then at this point the willing volunteer inside the wheelie bin explodes the firework]

Wait for noise to subside

[there may be crying but you can’t make an omelette without breaking  a few eggs!!!]

Fantastic! The invention worked this time because we remembered that for Christmas to go with a bang you need Jesus. All the other things are brilliant and a great part of Christmas but we can’t leave the reason for Christmas out of the equation can we? Christmas is all about Jesus. It’s His birthday that we’re celebrating.

Christmas is all about Jesus coming from Heaven to Earth and being born in a stable so that he could make us friends with God. So we must remember that the reason we celebrate Christmas is Jesus!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Experiment

  1. Naomi Kellety November 18, 2013 / 1:01 pm

    Fab idea for a visually exciting talk!

  2. Mike Smith December 26, 2013 / 10:40 am

    We adapted this for our two Crib Services on Christmas Eve, and everyone involved had a great time. Thank you very much for the idea.

  3. Rory MacLeod December 16, 2017 / 7:36 am

    Barking! But the best ideas often are. Where can I get an indoor firework on the Isle of Skye?

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