Christmas Visitors

This is an idea in its infancy. It came to me after watching the Nativity with the kids last night. I may come back to it after further reflection.

It could be one extended all age talk spread throughout a meeting. Or it could be a series of children’s slots. There’s the potential to have children dressed up as each character and play a part with dialogue. It could be told in the first person; if you’re prepared to dress up as each of the characters!

Several groups of people responded to the news of Jesus’ birth in different ways.

1. The Angels praised God for the baby Jesus

In Luke 2:14 we’re told that a massive number of angels appeared in the night’s sky and praised God for what He’d done in sending Jesus. They were unbelievably excited at the news that Jesus, the Saviour had been born.

This Christmas let’s get excited about the baby Jesus. There are lots of exciting things happening at this time of year. We’ll see our families, we’ll open some presents, we’ll watch some films but the most exciting thing is that it’s Jesus’ birthday. And so we can praise God for sending us His Son who is also our Saviour.

2. The Shepherds investigated the baby Jesus

In Luke 2:15 we’re told that once they’d heard the news that Jesus had been born, the shepherds decided to travel to Bethlehem and investigate what had happened. They wanted to know more about this baby.

This Christmas let’s spend some time with Mum and Dad finding out more about the baby Jesus. We can get them to read us the Bible stories about when Jesus was born and what he grew up to do.

3. The Wise Men worshipped the baby Jesus

In Matthew 2:11 we’re told that when the wise men saw Jesus they fell down and worshipped him. They recognised that although he looked like every other baby ever born, he was also a very special baby. Jesus is God’s King.

This Christmas let’s make sure that we worship the baby Jesus. He is our wonderful ruler. He’s in charge. At this time of year it’s very easy to get distracted by lots of very wonderful things. But the most wonderful thing is Jesus himself. So let’s make sure that we pay him lots of attention.

One thought on “Christmas Visitors

  1. Dafydd Jones April 22, 2013 / 2:15 pm

    I used this idea of yours as the basis for my talk at our informal all age Christmas Day service in 2012 and I’ve been meaning to say thank you ever since. Hopefully you believe in better late than never.
    You may like to know how I developed it. To get some humour I got my wife to do a rapid change of my headgear for each of the characters – halo for an angel, traditional tea towel for a shepherd and a turban for a wise man. Fortunately the congregation responded with the laughter I was after. I linked the characters with each of your main ideas of praise, investigate, and offering the best we have.
    Then we sang 3 verses of Angels from the realms of glory (as per Mission Praise) drawing people’s attention to the fact that we were going to sing about the angels, shepherds and wise men that we’d just been thinking about.
    Next I read verses 1-5, 14 and 18 of John 1 and projected the words on to the screen. I concluded with a short talk saying these words point us to how how hearts long for the God who is deep within us and way beyond us, and a return to the questions are we excited about and praising this God, do we want to investigate and know Jesus better, do we offer him the whole of ourselves?

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