Jesus v Santa

OK so Christmas Day is nearly upon us and I need to pull a rabbit out of the hat. I can’t for the life of me remember what slots I’ve done when over the past few years. And so I’m forced to get the creative juices flowing. This is the result of some pondering at the apprentice Christmas dinner. I’m not sure I’m going to use it. But I like it. If you can add to it and refine it, then all well and good. Just let me know how you improved it.

Why is Jesus Christ better than Father Christmas?

In lots of houses this Christmas lots of attention will be paid to this man. The fat man in the suit. Can anyone tell me what he’s called? Lots of people think that he’s the real hero of Christmas. But he’s not. He’s a good guy to have around. But he’s not the real hero of Christmas. Jesus is. Let me tell you why.

1.He’s available all year

Father Christmas is only around once a year; at Christmas. You never see Father Christmas in the summer, or the spring or even the autumn. But Jesus is around all year. There’s never a time when we can’t talk to Jesus. Some people write  a letter to Father Christmas when it gets near Christmas. They hope that he’ll read it and answer it. But it doesn’t just have to be December to go to Jesus. We can pray to him whatever time of the year it is. And he promises to listen carefully to what we say and to answer our prayers in the best way possible.

2. He rewards the naughty

Father Christmas only gives presents to those who’ve been good. What use is that. I might be good some of the time but not for most of the time. And so we’re never quite sure whether we’ve been good enough to get a present. But Jesus rewards the naughty. Jesus knows that we haven’t been good. And yet he still rewards us. He forgives us and he loves us even though we haven’t done what we should have done. That’s not a reason to be bad. But it is a reason to think that Jesus is better than Father Christmas.

3. His presents last forever

Father Christmas brings us gifts that we can open and use. But at some point they’re going to break or we’re going to stop using them. But the gifts that Jesus brings last forever. Jesus doesn’t bring us toys he brings us something even better and much more useful. He brings us salvation. And salvation goes on forever. And it doesn’t need batteries. Salvation is being saved by God to know him. And it’s th best gift that we could ever receive. Father Christmas can’t bring us that because he didn’t die on a cross.

And so in our house, Father Christmas doesn’t really get a look in. He’s not the real hero of Christmas. Jesus is. And so we’ll be paying him  a lot more attention.


I’m aware that this is a slot that’s not without risks. I’m desperate to tell people that Jesus is really real whereas Father Christmas is make believe. But that’ll get me in trouble. Not only with the non-believers but also with the muddle-headed Christians who think that it’s morally acceptable to lie to their kids!

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