George Whitfield

A kid’s slot for CCB all age church aimed at infant children

Who can tell me what a superhero is?

Someone who does amazing things.

Let’s look at some pretend superheroes [PowerPoint Slides]

Who can tell me who these are?

Asterix, Heman, The Incredible Hulk, Batman & Robin

We’re looking some of our favourite Christian superheroes at the moment. Christian superheroes are just ordinary people who did extraordinary things.

This week we’re going to think about this man [George Whitfield].

Does anyone know who he is?

He lived in Great Britain. He’s an Englishman does that help? He lived in the 18th Century, does that help? His name is George Whitefield. There can’t be too many superheroes called George!

George Whitefield is a hero because he kept on helping people to follow Jesus

1. He did it when people wanted him to stop

When he started to persuade people to follow Jesus there were lots of important people in the church who tried to stop him. They didn’t like what he was saying even though what he taught came straight from the Bible. And so he wasn’t allowed into lots of church buildings to help people hear about Jesus. So what do you think he did? He went outside. He was one of the first people to start telling people about Jesus in the open air. One book I was reading this week thinks that he preached outside of buildings 18,000 times.

2. He did it to all sorts of people

He went to lots of different countries. He went all over Great Britain helping people to become followers of Jesus. He went to Scotland 14 times, Ireland twice, he went to every county in England and Wales. That’s a lot of travelling and he did it before the invention of the car. He even went to America 7 times at a time before steam ships had been invented. And he also went to lots of different types of people. He went to the poor and to the posh. So one of the most famous times he talked to people was outside a Coal Mine in Bristol. And he also helped some very rich people, some of the most important people in the country to become followers of Jesus.

3. He did it for a very long time

He became a Christian when he went to University and so he didn’t follow Jesus when he was your age. Now that’s a shame but despite that he decided to spend the rest of his life helping others to follow Jesus. He was helping people to become followers of Jesus even on the day he died, when he was a very old man. What a great way to use the life God has given us.


We can be mini Christian superheroes like George Whitefield when we help people to follow Jesus.

  • We can do that when we do it outside of church, at school or at home or in the park.
  • We can do that when we help lots of different people perhaps from lots of different countries lots of whom live around us and go to our schools.
  • We can do that for the rest of our lives even if we haven’t started yet

Why is George Whitefield a hero?

George Whitefield a hero because he kept helping people to follow Jesus

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