Mothers’ Day

A one off Kid’s Slot for Mother’s Day

Who can tell me what these people have in common? [Pictures of people in congregation]

They all have Mums. Most of us here has a Mum or is a Mum.

Who knows why I’m talking about these things?

Today is a special day on which our society has decided to remember Mums in particular. It used to be called Mothering Sunday but nowadays it’s known as Mother’s Day.

The Bible doesn’t say anything about only remembering our Mums one day a year but today is a special opportunity for us to say thank you to our Mums and to God for our Mums. I thought it would be good to see what God says about Mums in the Bible. He invented Mums, they were his idea.

God says that Mums are great for 3 reasons

1. Mums are great because they love us

In Titus 2 the older women in the church are told to help the young Mums to love their children. To love someone means to put someone else’s needs before our own. When a friend comes to your house and you let them have your toys you’re showing that you love them. [One of the church kids to bring her favourite thing and share it] Our Mums love us because they spend the whole time making sure that we’ve got everything that we need. They buy us food and then cook it, they buy us the right sort of clothes so when it’s cold we can be warm. Some of them have jobs so that they can send us to nice schools, go on great holidays and live in houses with space. They spend time with us reading books, helping us with our homework and driving us places so that we can do things. They’re busy making sure that we’ve got everything that we need and they do that because they love us.

2. Mums are great because they train us

In Proverbs 29 the wise man says that it’s a bad thing if a Mother doesn’t train her children. To train someone means to help someone become better at something. When you go to the park to play rugby with Dad he’ll train you [practice kicking the ball with one of teh church kids]. Our Mums train us in the way that we behave. They teach us what God would like us to do and then they help us to do it. They encourage us when we’re doing the right thing and say things like ‘well done’ and ‘good girl’. And they discipline us when we’re doing the wrong thing and do things like sending us to the naughty step or smacking us. None of us likes being told off but our Mums do it because God wants them to train us to be better at pleasing him.

3. Mums are great because they comfort us

In Isaiah 66 God says he’s a bit like a Mum because just like them he comforts his people. To comfort someone means to take care of someone else. [One of the school kids to give his or her Mum a hug] Our Mums comfort us when we’re sad perhaps because we’ve fallen off the climbing frame and hurt ourselves. They comfort us when we’re lonely perhaps because people have been horrible to us at school. They comfort us when we’re not very well or we wake up in the middle of the night.

So what does all this mean? If we’re small children it means that we need our Mums more than we realise. If we’re grown ups it means that we owe them more than we realise. So let’s thank God for our Mums by praying.

Dear God, Thank you for inventing Mums. Thank you that they love us very much. Thank you that they teach us what you want us to do and they help us to do it. Thank you that they care for us when we’re sad. Amen.

And let’s thank our Mums with these gifts of flowers [pre-arranged bunches of daffodils].

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