Remembrance Sunday

A one off kid’s slot for Remembrance Sunday

Today is Remembrance Sunday and we’re going to think about that this morning.

First of all let’s look at a DVD clip to help us think about this subject.

There are three things that we need to know about Remembrance Sunday.

1. It’s a day to remember something important

We don’t have days like Remembrance Sunday all the time. We have them once a year. The reason is so that we never forget something really important.

  • Who here forgets things?
  • What do you forget?
  • What could we do to make sure that we don’t forget things?

To make sure that we never forget something very important we have Remembrance Sunday. It’s a day to remember something really important. When I need to remember to put the rubbish out for the dustmen we don’t have a special day. It’s not that important. But we really don’t want to forget this day because what happened was so important that we’re going to remind each other every year. One of the ways we remember it is by having sounding a trumpet and having a minute’s silence. The trumpet sounds like this [play the Last Post]. And then we’re supposed to keep quiet for a whole minute. Do you think you can keep quiet for a whole minute?

2. It’s a day to remember people’s sacrifice

  • Who knows what sacrifice means?

To sacrifice something means that we give up something very special. We make small sacrifices all the time. So instead of watching CBeebies we might go and help Mum lay the table. Instead of playing with our favourite toy on our own we might let someone else have a go. Instead of keeping all our sweets for ourselves we might share them with someone else. Those sorts of things are sacrifices, they’re sometimes hard to make but they’re usually quite small. The sacrifice that we remember today is a very big sacrifice.

When things go bad between people they argue. But when things go badly between countries the argument can get so bad that they go to war and fight each other with bombs and missiles sent from tanks, ships and aeroplanes. We’re remembering that instead of staying at home and doing nothing lots of people went to war and gave up their lives in the fighting. We thought last week that God has given us life and so it’s a very precious and special thing to be able to live. But when countries go to war it means that people are going to be killed. There have been two world wars and lots of other wars since and so lots of people have died in the fighting. We remember their sacrifice by wearing something.

  • Does anyone know what it is?
  • What colour is it?

Red poppies like this grew up in the places where all the fighting had been in the 1st World War.

3. It’s a day to remember the peace we hope for

Peace is what we have when people don’t fight each other and instead become friends. Peace is a really wonderful thing. The reason why lots of people lost their lives in sacrifice was so that our country could live at peace. People in the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force are there to make sure that we have peace in our country. They wear uniforms like this. This is my uniform from when I used to be in the Royal Nay.

  • Who likes dressing up?
  • Does someone want to try it on?

It’s very important that we don’t forget the sacrifices that brought us peace. But there’s something that the Bible says is even more imoprtant than this act of remebrance.

Jesus’ Act of Sacrifice

In the Bible Jesus tells us that there’s an even more important Act of Remembrance. we can read about it in 1 Corinthians 11. It’s called the Lord’s Supper. At the Lord’s supper he wants us to have some bread and some wine.

  • Why does he want us to do that?

Every time we have the Lord’s Supper we remember that Jesus died for us. Instead of wearing a poppy, sounding the trumpet and having a minute’s silence we eat some bread and drink some wine. He doesn’t want us to forget something important. He doesn’t want us to forget the sacrifice he made on the cross when he brought us peace with God.

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